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"I'm sure you've passed by many times -- that angular stone and cement building on the far end of Rocky Hill's main street. The sign used to say "Clayphernalia," now "The Pottery @ Rocky Hill." I've passed it a thousand times. I always want to stop, but my ever-present mantra interferes: "Next time. Next time. Next time, I'm going to stop."Now, I finally stopped, and wish I'd done that 25 years ago.Why? First, the site is full of history. Second, a single visit solved three problem gifts -- a wedding and two birthdays -- and all were hits. And, third, the talented, articulate, passionate, enthusiastic, real-live potter inside has a lifetime of pottery wisdom and science to share.The building? It's a converted gristmill, the only remaining structure from a mill complex built in the early 1700s and now central to the Rocky Hill Historic Preservation District."


- Mea Kaemmerlen | NJ

"I spent much of last Sunday with a friend who said she wanted to take me to a “pottery place” with some nice things. I can honestly say that the difference between a “pottery place” and John Shedd’s gallery in Rocky Hill, NJ was a huge one and the word “nice” was truly an understatement ! I honestly didn’t know which way to look first because everything in the shop was so stunning and so unusual that it took some time to decide which pieces to purchase. Had I not been in the process of vastly downsizing, my arms would have been much fuller! Not only was the merchandise on display beautiful in every aspect but Mr. Shedd was warm and welcoming, interesting to talk to and extremely proud of his craft which, indeed, he should be! It was truly a pleasure to spend some time in his gallery and I look forward to purchasing other pieces when his new website is up and running. He is a lovely man and he has a new fan, soon to be in New York, but a loyal admirer nonetheless.​"


- Shelli Rafkin | Monroe, NJ

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